A week of LabVIEW courses at National Instruments

Last week I sat my first two LabVIEW courses. I have been wanting to do some courses for a long time but have never really had the opportunity. Fortunately as I am not working at the moment, I got the time to do them. As I did my CLAD exam a few months ago, I decided to to LabVIEW Core 3 and LabVIEW Connectivity.

LabVIEW Core 3 was on Monday to Wednesday and then LabVIEW Connectivity was on Thursday and Friday. The week was really packed in, but the amount of hands-on time kept us busy and focused.
Over all I got more out of Core 3 and will definitely be using many of the concepts in my future programs. I have also thought back to some of my first programs and realised that I could have made them so much better in many ways. I am planning on doing my CLD exam around August so will be going over many of the topics in my practice programs. 
I found Connectivity a more fun course where we learnt how to use many network tools and tools to include shared libraries from .net and many other programming languages.
The examples that you work through for both courses are very in depth and explain the concept being taught very well. The instructors that lead the course are very knowledgeable and helpful about the course subject  and other questions and topics that arise during the discussion periods. 
I highly recommend taking one or many courses that NI offer as this is a great way to learn quickly. The learning curve that I went through a few years ago when I learnt LabVIEW by myself would have been drastically shortened had I done some courses sooner. 
Go on, give your NI representative a call and book a course today. You will not regret it one bit.