My Pursuit of LabVIEW CLD Status

Over the last few weeks I have been honing my LabVIEW programming skills. Not having a full-time job at the moment, very long story, makes this learning easier; I have a lot of time on my hands, but also trickier; I only have the four example exams from the NI website and my imagination to come up with programs to write. My mind also wonders onto Raspberry Pi, TI LaunchPad, running in the forest and various other distractions. 
As can be seen from my last post, I have worked through the four example exams with varying success. I have started round two to get my times down and skills up. So far so good.
I downloaded the example exams quite a while ago but for some reason I found myself back on the CLD e-kit webpage yesterday. Either a new download has recently been added or I just haven’t noticed it before, but there is a a download called Preparation: Download Certification Prep Exam Sample Exercises.
This folder is brilliant. Firstly, it gives you a break from writing long, complete programs and secondly, it explains/demonstrates some fundamental processes that can be used in your final programs. The exercises are also only around 45-60min long so great when you don’t have much time. 
I worked through 6 today and although I knew most of the principals, it was nice to get a reminder and refresher on some of the basics.
So if you don’t have the exercises yet, go and download them and have a look.