Looking For an SSH/LabVIEW Solution For Years:
I am a test engineer for a satellite communications company responsible for test fixture planning, design, integration, deployment, and maintenance. Testing the pieces of satellite communications gear thoroughly can be quite a challenge as ways of communicating with that equipment is constantly changing and becoming more and more secure. Serial communications always seems to be available to obviously configure the unit under test and establish basic communications with the unit. However serial communications is unreliable, noisy, and not very friendly to parsing routines with null characters etc. SSH has always been available on our units as a default way of communication via TCP. Telnet was another method we used but with the way the units have evolved and some paths taken for test by engineering telnet is no longer an option. I have searched for years for an SSH solution that is written for NI LabVIEW. The decision to get rid of telnet sessions for test set me back on the search and destroy path again for an SSH solution for my LabVIEW routines.
Then I came across Labvolution's website. I was not sure what to think as looking at the description of what he has written it just seemed too good to be true. I have come across and implemented solutions in the past that use PuTTY and Plink. They are very reliable and work well. However I had to establish the connection, send the command, receive the response, and finally close the connection. Labvolution's solution was exactly what I was looking for as I can SSH to the unit under test and keep the connection open via a "Connection Name" and use it all over my program to send commands, receive responses, and then finally close the connection when I am through with the test. My hat is off to Greg's development of this library and would love to see this integrated into a release of NI's LabVIEW Developers Suite. It is very well written and most of all it works flawlessly. Greg obviously put a lot of thought and time into the development of this code and I give major kudos to him for his work. I would recommend NI take a look at his code and consider very heavily integrating his library into an official release.
Troy: Manager, Test and Certification Lab

Labvolution provided LabVIEW development services for an embedded data logging application using compactRIO. Greg quickly got to grips with the project requirements and delivered top quality code that was well documented and well tested. Greg's efforts enabled us to meet our project deadlines. I would highly recommend Labvolution to other companies.

Martin Griffiths: Certified LabVIEW Architect @ Metis Automation

LabSSH was by far the easiest solution I found for doing interactive SSH communication through LabVIEW.  I had tried a few other methods posted on LabVIEW’s website but they all seemed overly complicated compared to the solution provided by Labvolution.

Being able to name each of the connections means I can have a limitless amount of connections through LabVIEW.  It has made data collection so much easier.

Evan Olson: Test Engineer @ WIPRO LIMITED at Cisco

We were lucky enough to have Greg's services on a project to provide a multitude of signals to stimulate a car infotainment system for 3 months.

In that time he made a massive contribution to the project, in the first instance going up a very steep learning curve in very little time, and then producing some of the best LabVIEW code I have ever seen.

I would rate him as one of the best LabVIEW developers I have come across - able to write efficient, robust, neat and well documented code as well as providing highly polished and intuitive user interfaces.

Allied with fantastic self motivation, enthusiasm, and a keenest to go the extra mile, he will be an asset to any company he provides his services to in the future.

David Clark: Senior Software Engineer @ SSBV RF Test and Engineering Limited

Labvolution's LabSSH is the best SSH Tool for LabVIEW I know and it works very well.

Hans Juergen Haefner: @ SebaKMT